joyce (joyce) wrote,

So, today:

- woke up too early. Brain started whirring. There was no getting back to sleep.
- ate not bad hotel breakfast. Really, really good cinnamon rolls.
- got over to conference. Picked up nametag and bag. Got the wireless working.
- went to a session about campus ties, including a paper about racial history at a school and how it affected current retention and recruitment rates, and transgender dorm housing policies. Really, really great session.
- nothing in the next session was tripping my trigger, so I came back to the hotel room, enjoyed a blissful hour of peace and quiet, and ate my Thai leftovers from last night.
- went to a session on academic honesty policies. Got called a racist for the first time in my 31 years, by a very angry Indian woman, in the middle of explaining how I felt we should institute culturally sensitive academic honesty policies. You. can't. win. Otherwise, it was a great session.
- did my poster session. It was very slow for the first couple hours - they'd scheduled it for a four hour block, WTF? - and started picking up about the time it was time to take down.
- walked to really lovely Ethiopian food for dinner. Dinner was with 4 other graduate students, 3 undergrads who are honorary grad students, and [chair]. That was entertaining.
- wibbled for awhile about what we all wanted to do. Ended up in the aforementioned bar. Got picked on for having been Queer In Seattle and not being able to accurately smell gay bar, and assured that this was just a serious drinker's bar. Got picked on for posting to LJ from my phone. Drank a couple of the most delicious hard ciders I've had in a long, long time. Got picked on some more.

Eventually, we all decided that it was time to turn in. Now I'm back at the hotel, and I really need to get some sleep, but ze mind, ze mind is still wound up. Sigh.

It was a good night. I have pithy things to say at some point about the boundaries that I draw between friends and between other people I interact with, and how I'm realizing that one of the ways I draw those boundaries is by being very careful about who I actively socialize with, and how odd it is when those boundaries prove pemeable, but pithiness will wait for when it's not midnight. :)
Tags: southerns:2008

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