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Houdini Lucy got out again last night (out the door that was closed but where the twist ties had not been replaced. The same door that I "left open" last week. I'm starting to think that I didn't leave it open, and feel much better). We have excellent cats. Copper wasn't even all that interested in her, and Marty got within a few inches of her at one point and totally didn't freak out and didn't go after her. I got the cats out of the office, Jeff scooped up Lucy and put her back in her cage (she actually lets him handle her, so we skipped the 10 minutes of me chasing a screaming hamster around the office) [ever heard a hamster scream? It's not pretty.] and all is well. Except Jeff and I had already gotten to bed late, and we were both already tired. I am so going back to bed as soon as he leaves for work.

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