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So, today I solved the hamster problem by closing the office door all… 
27th-Mar-2008 11:00 pm
So, today I solved the hamster problem by closing the office door all day. I hated closing the cats off from some of their favorite lounging spots, but I did not need to be worrying about things all day. If somehow she got through the twist ties, at least she'd be on the other side of a door she couldn't fit under from the cats.

Luckily, everyone was where they were supposed to be when I got home.

Lucy stopped up her tube up to her penthouse with bedding overnight. I didn't realize how tightly stuffed it was, and figured she'd pull it out when she wanted out. I got home and she was still in there, and Jeff pointed out that I might want to fix it. So I got her into her ball (without being bitten, go me. It involved stuffing the ball over the penthouse opening and waiting her out) and unpacked her tube so she could crawl in and out properly.

You guys are going to laugh, but I could swear she's acting up because she misses Jeff.

So, I met with a student this morning for a test that's a month and a half late; she's finally asking for help, and I think she understands more now than she did at 9 this morning, so I'll take it. I taught class, where we had a discussion ranging somewhere between chaotic and anarchic on gender, but it was a very good, very thoughtful (if loud and rambunctious) discussion. I'll take it. I tutored stats. I did office hours. I went out to the co-op and folded things. I came home and talked to Jeff and my sisters and worked my way through more book review rough drafts (mostly bad, very bad) and graded quizzes and made a really damn good pizza for dinner.

I've been very grateful for the use of Hope's car this week (and I might even have been having fun on the drive home today, with the sun and the Godsmack), but I'm very glad that tomorrow the only place I have to be is campus, and I can pull out my poor neglected bike to get there.

... and I have to be back on campus at 9am, so it's off to bed for me.
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