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So, this morning I got up and went to the least churchy church I'd ever been to. There was music, then a monologe from the preacher (not wearing robes) about living one's life in line with both one's ideas for one's life, as well as one's life's ideas for one, and how to reconcile those two things, and the spritual journey that is that process. There was 10 minutes of silent meditation, there was an open mic for anyone who wanted to speak, and there was more music. It was ... just what I would want, from a spiritual exercise. I'll be going back.

After that, there was Easter lunch at my folks' (crab legs and shrimp, num num num) and games (Scrabble, Settlers, Uno), and then I came home. I flopped around for a bit, feeling overwhelmed by The List, and chatted at Jeff a bit. I got some dinner made and got the list put in order for which things need to get done, and actually did some of them, and I'm feeling less overwhelmed. Momentarily, at least.

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