joyce (joyce) wrote,

Okay, that's better.

I went over to a friend from school's house last night (I'd forgotten the sheer suck of driving west as the sun goes down, ouch. On the plus side, I found the classic rock station. On the nuetral side, I giggle at what's considered classic, sometimes) and four of us made quiche for dinner and chattered and played rummy. I left before it was too late (driving at night - that was weird) and came home and my goodnight phone call with Jeff, and had a glass of wine to relax, and came to bed and read until the book was literally falling out of my hands.

Damned if I didn't sleep like a pile of rocks. Well behaved rocks, at that. I did wake up a couple of times, but I rolled right back over and fell back asleep. I was out a little before 12 and awake at 7. I'll take that.

I know you guys are all so interested in the daily sleep reports. ;) It's just... when I sleep badly, I feel crappy the rest of the day. My capacity for sleep deprivation is gone, these days. It's so nice when I sleep well. I could have done with another half an hour, but last night wasn't bad. :)

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