joyce (joyce) wrote,

Today was fantastic.

Chik-fil-a has been running free breakfast Fridays through March, and today was free chicken biscuits. Hope had the day off school for Good Friday, so she came home last night and spent the night at my folks'. She and mom came over this morning and we hit CFA for breakfast and free biscuits, and then we ran some errands - Mom wanted to go to Michael's, Hope needed some stuff for her trip next week, etc. We did all that, and Hope dropped me back off at home and took mom home. I got some dishes done and a little work done and cleaned out the fridge and talked to faecat and such, and then Hope came back over. We took Jeff out to the airport, went by Edward McKay to get Hope reading material for her trip, and then got Thai food for dinner, splitting some dumplings and the best tofu/mushroom dish in the world. We came home and played some Scrabble (2 games, and she cleaned my clock both times), and then we decided that since she was going to be driving an unfamliar vehicle, that she should get before it was too late. So now I'm home. Alone. And this is a bit odd.

But, it was a really, really good day.
Tags: ate soup

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