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So, after ESL class got cancelled this morning, I got dishes done and… 
19th-Mar-2008 08:59 pm
So, after ESL class got cancelled this morning, I got dishes done and knitting done and listened to Obama's speech (verdict: holy wow) and did prep and graded quizzes, and in general, made like the Energizer bunny. Yay productivity. Then I went up to campus to meet with a stats student for tutoring... and got there to a note saying they couldn't meet today, so sorry, they would email me. (Why couldn't they have emailed me instead of leaving a note in my box? There is a computer lab in the building. I intend to tell them that the next time we meet, too.) I grumbled and ate my lunch and got more prep done. I started to walk over to the library, then realized that I'd neglected to print off something for a professor that I'd said I would. I trotted back upstrairs, beat the grad office printer, and got the stuff printed. I headed back out to the library, where I picked up my microfilms from inter-library loan - and discovered when I sat down the I'd been sent 1923 to 1926, not the requested 1927 to 1929.


So I got them packaged back up to the ILL office, and put in a new request, and did some more prep, and headed out to meet up with Jeff, who wanted to buy another pair of jeans (he has one) before his trip to Seattle. Old Navy netted jeans that already looked like they had 10 years of wear on them. Um, no.

So we came home.

Today: lots of fail, but also lots of productivity. It works out, and I'm in a pretty good mood.

I'm also tired. My bed and a book and I are getting ready to have a meeting...
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