joyce (joyce) wrote,

I love the internets

So, Terry Pratchett gave the equivalent of $1 million yesterday to Alzheimer's research in the UK, and there's apparently there's a bit of a movement online, as these things tend to happen, to match his million dollars with another million dollars from his fans. My grandmother died from Alzheimer's, and my dad's cousin came down with it at 50, and so, for very selfish reasons, I'd like to have a cure by the time I'm peering at old age (or hell, not even old age. 50, folks.)

So, I'm sending a little money to the Alzheimer's Association here in the U.S., and there will be more lately, and I thought I'd post this and kick it along, if anyone is interested.

(Finally, I recommend tissue when reading PTerry's speech above.)
Tags: charity

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