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plus and minus

- aforementioned sleeping like ass last night
- gorgeous weather had kids riled up and not so much with the paying attention in class today
- aforementioned sleeping like ass last night + aforementioned kids acting up = grumpy joyce snapping in class
+ deciding that it was spring break, and by jove, I was going to enjoy myself a little, and I should take myself out to lunch instead of rushing on back down to school to do work
+ tasty hibachi rice, veggies, chicken, and a drink for $5 at a hole in the wall place downtown
+ gorgeous weather, walk back down to school
- lunch violently disagreeing with me on the walk back down to school
- stomach still hurts
+ getting some more prep done
- running out of book before the afternoon's bus rides
+ I can breath again. The cold seems to have turned tail.
+ good (short, but good) thesis interview (I'm up to nine!) (I need to noodle on immigrant vs. refugee)
- the damn buses just can't run on g-damned time this week
+ talking to Hope for a good long time on the bus and while walking home, and her letting me blather about my students and thesis.

I'm not sure if I'm up or down for the day. I think it's up, but it doesn't alltogether feel like it.
Tags: teaching:210:spring08, thesis

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