joyce (joyce) wrote,

Today was a day of errands: we did the farmer's market [where, oddly, we didn't need all that much], the library [where I restrained myself from picking up anything that wasn't on hold for me, because I have more books out than I'm going to read in the next year], Petsmart [3 months of cat food. It was on sale], Target, and the co-op all in one fell swoop. The rest of the day has been homework and rearranging Lucy's cage (for Jeff) and knitting and making the todo list for the week (still epic) and finally, sneaking up on some productivity (I cleaned my desk, something that I'd been putting off, and then picked the most odious thing off my list [transcribing]1, set a timer, and got to it.) Dinner is homemade pizza - cheddar and onions and garlic on mine, very very tasty. There might be more productivity tonight, or there might just be knitting - after all, the todo list is dated for tomorrow, so anything I get done tonight is bonus productivity, right? :)

1. Actually, I lie. The most odious thing is facing my lit review. Transcribing is second.2

2. Unless you're my chair and you've stumbled across my corner of the internets, in which case I love every bit of this process. Really. :)
Tags: ate soup, thesis

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