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For a 45 hour vacation, it feels like a week. :) I got on my train… 
2nd-Mar-2008 10:14 am
For a 45 hour vacation, it feels like a week. :)

I got on my train on time Friday, and artisanal_xara picked me up on the other end.1 We hit Bed Bath and Beyond for shower gifts and Chik-fil-a for lunch and Target for more shower stuff before we decided that we needed to go home and put the little one down for a nap. He went down pretty easily, and we sat around and knitted and chatted for something like three glorious hours. feebdaed got home, and we made pizza for dinner, played with the little one, looked at pictures, knitted some more, and finally all eventually crashed out. I slept better than I'd slept in weeks.

Saturday morning there was breakfast and showers and getting dressed up and whatnot, and it was off to ambermae's bridal shower. It was at a restaurant called NoFo that I'd never been to before, and that served one of the best salads I've had in a long time: blackended shrimp, walnuts, feta, dried cranberries, mangoes and balsamic vinaigrette over mixed greens, with a couple of biscuits. The mangoes were eh - that's what I get for ordering something with mangoes in it at the beginning of March - but everything else was terrific. There was visiting, there was chocolate cake, it was a great time. Afterward, Tonya and I headed for Michael's, because I had a gift card that I wanted to use, but they did not at all have what I was looking for, so we called Jeff and confirmed that yes, my train was running late, and headed for A. C. Moore, which did have the yarn I wanted. We ran back to her house, got my stuff, and headed to the train station, where she kept me company waiting for the train. In the end, we only sat for about 15 minutes, and the train was only an hour late. For this particular train (which I've been taking off and on since I moved back here) that is not bad. (The train going east that I generally catch starts in Charlotte, and is usually right on time. The one heading west in the evenings starts in New York, and is dependably late, often epically so. There was one evening that we got behind a freight train and I was tempted to walk to Burlington.) Jeff picked me up on this end, and we got Mexican food for dinner and came home and read a little and interneted a little and passed out.

And that was the weekend. Today is going to be homework on both our parts - I have a large chunk of work that I really should finish for my independent study meeting tomorrow - and housecleaning (I'm pretty sure I have a desk somewhere under here). This week is, in theory, spring break part the first (the community college is on break this week, the uni is on break next week), but, funnily enough, I'm pretty sure I have more to do this week than normal. Sigh.

1. On the way down, I was not awake yet, and the train was sold out. I took a look at the folks who had empty seats beside them, and chose a friendly looking older lady. Sure enough, she was happy to ignore her newspaper and chat while I knitted. :) On the other hand, on the way back, the train was also full, and I had to tell someone who was doing the passive aggressive bag in seat thing to move it. At least he was relatively pleasant about it when I did.
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