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random notes, mostly driving related:

- getting behind someone driving a mustang convertible doing 40 mph on the 17, like i did last night, is pure torture. if you can't handle driving that road, take the bus. if you have a mechanical problem, put on your hazards so the rest of us don't cuss as much.
- i need to either get a discman or price out a cd player for my car. it loses radio reception at the summit on 17, and the only thing i was able to get all the way to the warehouse was a Spanish rock station. if i'm going to (hopefully) be doing that drive four days a week this summer, that isn't going to work...
- rent's getting cheaper in Santa Cruz. patience, patience.
- commute from scotts valley to fremont today, door to door: 45 minutes. during commute hous. with one incident of getting behind something big and slow that i couldn't get around, which is normal. wow. i really hope that wasn't a fluke.
- fourth gear good. fifth gear doesn't happen very much. i'm glad i'm not driving a 4 cylinder automatic up that road. i love my car a lot, but someone remind me to trade it in for something with more gerbils under the hood in a couple years when my credit's better, please?

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