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Oh, yea. I'd forgotten about Valentine's until I checked LJ. :)

If Valentine's Day is your cup of tea, then I hope you have a wonderful, fabulous, fun day. It's not a day for Jeff and I; we just don't get into celebrating it. We're stupidly sappy 365 (366, this year) days a year. :) Tonight's plans include making tacos and cleaning house; if we get really freaky, we'll watch an episode of Enterprise. Hee.

I'm a lucky girl. I have a wonderful, wonderful partner, three loving furrkids1, two sisters I adore, a wonderful and supportive mom and dad, a great cousin pseudo brother, great colleagues and professors, terrific students, and a bunch of wonderful friends. Lucky, lucky, lucky.

1. Lucy the hamster does not love me. Oh well. :)
Tags: furrkids, hamster, holidays

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