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must be something in the water...

the four boxes/crates of crap under my desk have been compacted into one crate of organized files and one box of miscellany, most Christmas decorations. now i'm working on figuring out which of the clothes i never wear and don't have space for... after that, if i'm feeling brave, is the desk and seeing if i can make the nest of cables under my desk slightly neater.

and i also finally started getting caught up on the fact that i haven't done house chores in a couple weeks. whee.

grocery store sushi and sour cream and onion pringles for lunch, mmm.

watched "Men in Black" while i was sorting out stuff this morning. damn good movie. think it's time to go hunting through the media room for something to watch during round II of cleaning...

i want a nap, since i was awakened this morning earlier than i wanted to be by one of the crack-smoking house cats (they must be taking lessons from Minnie ;) ) but i should get some more stuff done first.

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