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Last night I made some pretty darned tasty chili, and some tasty but not quite perfect potato skins for dinner. I think my initial baking wasn't long enough, which is not a fault of the recipe and is very much a fault of mine. They were still tasty, though. And country ham turned out to be a fine bacon substitute in them.

Other good things we've eaten this week: tacos. Ghoulash. Salad. Lots of no-kneed bread. Some cracked out spiced nuts that jeni made Sunday night. Tonight is scheduled to be hamburgers and french fries, nums.

So far today we've done our farmer's market thing and our library thing, and I've balanced my books, and now I'm trying to get over the meh and work up motivation to work on prep. The goal for the day is to at least outline my prep through the first test, then finish writing the first test, so that I can let it stew for a little while and go through it again, and then get my friend that's teaching the same class to look over it and see what she thinks. It's due the 21st of February, and I want to give them at least two weeks to write it, which means being done and having it posted by the 7th, which is not that far away.

Besides, if I can get prepped up for awhile, then that opens up brain cells for other things. Like thesis, indepedent study, assistantship... whee. :)

The other goal for the day is cleaning off my desk. I'm pretty sure I have a body somwehere underneath all the stuff on my desk.
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