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So, I got up way too early this morning, and headed out to mass1, 2, and then had a thesis interview afterwards. The interview was good - though my data has saturated on men over the age of 55 - and I got some useful information out of it. Jeff came and picked me up, and we got a late breakfast at Bruegger's and a browse at B&N, and then he dropped me off at interview number two, which also went well, if short. Interview number one told me to call him Wednesday to get the phone number for someone else to interview, and interview number two is going to try to hook me up with someone but wants to talk to her first. So, I'm up to 4 interviews and three observations and 2 more interviews more or less on the hook. This is progress. :)

This afternoon was an attempt at a nap, and some homework, and then we gained a Jeni, and so we've been hanging out and making dinner and watching Voyager. Life is good. :)

1. And with that, I'm at three observations, which, unless a compelling reason comes up, I am declaring enough.

2. Having grown up Lutheran, going to mass is just a little trippy. It's like a dance that I know most of the steps to, but every once in awhile, my partner throws in an extra twirl when I'm not expecting it.
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