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37 - Case Histories (Kate Atkinson, fic, 310 pages, 8/2/2007) - billed as a literary mystery. Several intersecting story lines that eventually all wrap up together. Well written, enjoyable, surprising, and satisfyingly tied together. Recommended.

38 - Thursday Next: First Among Sequels (Jasper Fforde, fic, 362 pages, 8/12/2007) - next up in the Thursday Next saga (this is book five; there's supposed to be three more coming up.) If you're a Thursday junky, you'll like this. And it ended on a cliffhanger, and Wikipedia reports that the sequel isn't up until 2009, yarg. Recommended.

39 - The Cure for Anything is Salt Water (Mary South, non-fic, 211, 8/14/2007) - fluffy little memoir. Not bad. Would make good beach reading. Woman throws up hands mid-life, buys a boat, and goes on a trip. Quick read.

40- The Children of the Company (Kage Baker, fic, 384, 9/5/2007) and 41 - The Machine's Child (Kage Baker, fic, 356, 10/10/2007) - I've expressed my love for Kage Baker on many an occasion. If odd little time travel books about cyborgs that are sometimes more human than we are sound appealing to you, then start at the beginning with In the Garden of Iden. You have to start at the beginning, or you will be lost. Recommended.

42 - Lean Mean Thirteen (Janet Evanovich, fic, 310, 10/16/2007) - yet another Stephanie Plum book. Surprisingly satisfying. Surprisingly solid. Stephanie is growing as a person, though I do wish she'd make a decision about her sticky personal situation. Unlike many authors of long-term series, Evanovich does not seem to be getting bored of her protagonist, and the book benefits. Recommended.

43 - McCafferty's Nine (Elizabeth Gunn, fic, 216. 10/19/2007) - Gunn writes a series about Jake Hines, a mixed-race male police captain in Minnesota. She writes good characters, and her books are solid police procedurals that are fun but not cotton candy. If this sounds like your thing, start at the beginning with Triple Play. It's not as essential to start at the beginning as it is with many series, but the character relationships will make more sense if you do. Recommended.

44 - The Sons of Heaven (Kage Baker, fic, 432, 10/27/2007) - the last of the cyborg books. There's a book of short stories left, but this is it for the main series. This book had some pacing issues, and there were chunks that could have been left right out (doesn't every epic author hit this issue at some point), but I loved it, and loved how things were tied up, and I cried just a little, and mostly rejoiced.

45 - Murder on a Girls Night Out (Anne George, fic, 244, 11/6/2007) and 46 - Murder on a Bad Hair Day (Anne George, fic, 256, 12/4/2007) - two 60-something sisters in Birmingham endure wacky hijinks. I love these for the sense of place, for the solid mystery story lines, and the spot-on relationship between the sisters, which reminded me very strongly of me and my sisters sometimes (except that there's three of us). I'll be slurping down the rest of the series. Recommended.

47 - Spook (Mary Roach, non-fic, 288, 12/24/2007) - by the author of Stiff. Solidly researched, a bit dense at times, irreverent without being disrespectful, and outright laugh-out-loud funny in places. Recommended. I'm on the wait list for Stiff and awaiting the release of Bonk in April.

48 - Innocent in Death (J. D. Robb, fic, 385, 12/29/2007) - yet another In Death book. I bounced hard off this one the first time I tried to read it, because I thought that it was going to feature a tour de force of Dallas's issues (again), but I read good things about Creation, which comes after, and decided to try it again. Which was good, as the issues lasted about two pages. Another solid entry in the series. Recommended if you're already reading these.
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