joyce (joyce) wrote,

I never really did post much about Christmas. It was very very nice, and mostly low-key (on alternate years, most of the herd stays home. Next year is scheduled to be a "big" year, family wise.) I got a pile of DVDs, an unholy pile of cookbooks, some very nice (and badly needed) pajamas, ditto cardigan sweaters, and a filing cabinet, which means that my half of the office is starting to look slightly less like a bomb hit it, and my birth certificate is no longer stored in a milk crate. This, my friends, is a good thing. :) Jeff and I got Cities and Knights of Catan, which we intend to break in tonight, and an electric turkey roaster (more exciting than it sounds.)

Lunch was at my great-aunts' and uncle's house, where it has been every Christmas since the dawn of time, and dinner was at the parents', and entertainment was board games. It was a good Christmas.

I am spending this last day of the year collecting power snuggles from the cats and cleaning house and playing tennis with a friend and working on thesis and working on course prep (d-day is next Tuesday. I'm inwardly in high wibble right now.) We're staying home tonight, as is per normal - New Year's Eve out brings crowds and drunken people and stupid people and drunken stupid people, and we're cranky homebodies when it's not a holiday, let alone when it is - and making steak and twice baked potatoes and salads and cheesecakes, which is what we had last NYE, which wasn't on purpose. It should be a nice, quiet evening.

2007 was mostly an in-between year. In 2006, we moved to Greensboro and I started grad school, which was a huge sea change for me. In 2007, there weren't as many big changes (though there were a couple; Jeff got hired at his job as a real boy employee, and my mom's mother died), but mostly it was about going to school and getting my work done and gearing up for and starting my thesis. 2008 promises to be a year of changes, with finishing my degree and figuring out what's next, and I'm looking forward to it.

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