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So, the day started out well. I had a good cuddle with Marty. I got the first pass of the transcription from my first interview, part one, done (I need to go back and clean it up, but that's the easy part.) I got some dishes done and was getting ready to get into the shower when Hope called. She and my cousin were done with her doctor's appointment, and were hungry. So they came over, and I fixed waffles. They ran me into downtown, saving me part one of a meandering bus ride. I poked around the library's bookshop and then caught my bus up to the church were I was supposed to finish interviewing the guy from a couple weeks ago.

Where I waited, and waited, and waited. And was glad I brought a book. I finally gave up, called the church, left a message for the guy, and started walking. I got down to where the bus picked up, and as previously stated, missed the bus by about 30 seconds (it was sitting at the light to turn left, and I was on the wrong side of the intersection, and there was no way.)

So I bought a snack at the gas station and sat down with my book and read for the half hour until the next bus. I got downtown and considered my options. Jeff was going to be working a little late and had suggested that I come out and meet up with him and we'd grab dinner. I didn't want to head all the way home to have to head back out in an hour, and I didn't want to just go ahead and head out to the shopping center where I'd be meeting Jeff; I wanted to get something done to make up for the wasted time with the no-show interview. I had my thumb drive with my thesis on it with me, so I decided to head over to school and get some work done on my lit review. The university is shut down for the week, but I have keys to the building and my office.

I get over there and discover that since the university is shut down, they're working on something in the building that involves electricity, and there's no power in my office. No power means no lit review, and no making the phone calls I need to make, because I need to look up phone numbers. I can't work anywhere else on campus - the labs and the library and everything are closed.

At this point, I text Jeff to say that maybe just heading home is a good idea, at this point. While I'm waiting for him to answer, I walk up to my credit union to deposit a couple checks, which I thought were in my purse. On the way, I call Hope to whine about my afternoon. Her battery dies while we're talking.

I get to the CU and it turns out one of the checks is at home.

I'm home now, in my pjs, with a Marty in my lap, which I'm pretty sure is where the universe intended for me to stay today. And then I find out that an online friend had to put one of her kitties to sleep today, which makes all my whines look petty (which they were, anyhow.) What a stupid, stupid day.
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