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proof of life 
22nd-Dec-2007 10:51 am
There has been a jeni sighting; it seems that it's not her cats or a jeni.bot posting in her LJ. :) She came and hung out with us for a couple hours yesterday afternoon while in transit. We got lunch at Moe's and braved Target for some errands (and dear lord, was Target a zoo and a half). It was good to see the Jeni.

After she and Huxley took off, we traipsed out to my parents' house for food and games. That was also a good time.

Today so far we've been very very lazy. We have to venture out into the world for errands at some point, and my sisters may or may not come over tonight (I have a party I'm supposed to go to, but I'm so not up to getting dressed up and schmoozing tonight), and otherwise, we're engaged in strategic laziness. :)
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