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why I'm tired right now 
12th-Dec-2007 09:44 pm
copper and ellie
from an email to a friend about a field trip to look for grown-up clothes:

unfortunately, not before Monday at tennis oclock. :p tomm is dealing with 101 exams, writing my seminar presentation due at 6pm, and dealing with stats kids. Friday is stats office hours and that interview and badminton. Saturday and Sunday are processing stats grades, 101 grades, finishing picking readings for 101 for R. for next semester, transcribing Friday's interview, and hiding. Monday is some quality time filing 101 papers, settling 101 grades and stats grades, and tennis/whatever.


I hate the end of the semester. It's been like this all week.


I need to gather up extra credit papers to return tomorrow, do one last email check, and put my butt to bed.
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