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mmm, the book review program that i'm writing is coming along nicely. it's mostly an exercise in reminding myself how to use mysql, and how to use php and mysql together, before i tackle the bigger project, the recipe/shopping list database program that i've been promising Dan forever...

book review program: allows you to enter your login, the title of the book, author, a brief description and asks you for other information. you are allowed to set whether you wish to set the review to be public or private. you'll be able to search all public reviews on title, author, difficulty, genre, etc, as well as all of your own private reviews.

where it's at now: you can add an entry. You can search on title of the book or login and get back information.

PHP frontend, mysql backend. easy stuff, really, but fun. when i have somewhere public to put it up, it'll be put up for public nitpicking... =] (and hopefully use).

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