joyce (joyce) wrote,

Also, I did this amazing thing today - I put away laundry. :) Not all of it, but some. And tomorrow I'll put away some more, etc. I'm really good at doing laundry, of course - otherwise, I wouldn't have anything to wear, and besides that, I like hanging out the laundry. But then it goes to die in the guest room, and I never get around to sorting/folding it, and then every morning I have to go digging in the guest room for underwear, muttering about how I really should put away the damned laundry.

Also, I bagged up stuff for Goodwill; we're going to run out there on Wednesday. The rule today was that I can keep whatever I want to, but in 6 months, I have to do this again and ask myself if I'm really wearing the things that are left.

Once you're organized, life is always so much easier. It's just getting there...

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