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I love Thanksgiving. I love the food, I love the time off and time hanging out with my family, and I love being reminded that I have a damned good life and lots to be grateful for. And I am grateful, every day (okay, most days) but having a day to be reminded of that all day makes me happy.

I'm grateful for my family - my Jeff, who is my life and love and home, with whom I have built a life that I like quite a bit, and with whom I have plans for a life that is going to be very good indeed, and our four furrchildren, including the newest, littlest one.

I'm grateful for my family - the mom and dad and my two sisters and my cousin-the-honorary brother. I'm grateful that I'm back on this side of the country, and get to see them all the time now. I'm grateful that we get along as well as we do - I know so many people who aren't blessed with that kind of relationship with their families. I'm grateful to have people that I can completely let my hair down with - ask Jeff, there is no silliness like me and Hope and Faith when we get going.

I'm grateful for the rest of my family, friends I've had so long that they are family, even if some of you are on the wrong side of the country. :) (Wait, maybe that's me. Where's our transporter?) (And while I'm here, let me mention how grateful I am for the Internet. And call phones.) And for friends that are newer, but are still an important part of my life too.

I'm grateful for the roof over my head, the food on my table, my health, my safety, my relative wealth. I have enough money for what I need right now, and quite a bit of what I want, within reason, and I'm lucky in that.

I'm grateful that I've found something that I love to do. I'm grateful that I'm getting paid to go to school - I mean, how cool is that? Yes, I get paid to grade and do attendance and do review sessions and stuff, but (don't tell my school I said this) I'd do those things for free if I could. I'm grateful that I'm making amazing progress on my thesis, and should have the credentials in hand come May to continue to get paid to do what I love - and really, how many people get to say that?

Life is good, even if I've been a little bit down lately (I'm ready to be moving on to the next thing, so it's good to be reminded that this thing right now is pretty damned good, too.) And now I'm going to go finish making breakfast, get a bunch of stuff together, and go over to my parents' house, where me and mine will make an unholy amount of food and play lots of board games. That sounsd like the perfect holiday to me. :)
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