joyce (joyce) wrote,

I've done dishes and done laundry and cut up most of 2 loaves of bread for stuffing (thank bob for kitchen shears) and made sausage balls and my first pumpkin roll (the structural integrity of which is questionable, but which is going to taste soooo good). I've mainlined a lot of West Wing and Entrapment, one of my favorite movies ever. It's been a nice day. :) I need to do more dishes, and take a shower, and start the dough for the French bread, but other than that, what prep I can do today for dinner tomorrow is just about done. There are disadvantages to life in academia, but the holiday scheduling is not among them; I've had holidays where I've had to work until the last minute (or work on the holiday) and I've very grateful that I no longer have to. :)

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