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Attendance in 101 this morning: 74.54%. Better than I was expecting, to be honest, and not bad for the day before Thanksgiving break.

The building is getting quieter by the minute. I'm waiting out the last few minutes of my office hours (I had a student come in, even though it's the day before vacation, which rocks my socks), and then I'm off to go swimming for the first time in weeks (too much work, and it was too easy to say getting work done was more important, and then I got sick) then get a haircut before I head home. (It's time. I'm getting shaggy. I'm growing it back out, but it needs some attention.) And then today and tomorrow I'm going to spend a couple of glorious days cooking and cleaning and drinking tea and watching DVDs. :) Life is good. Thanksgiving break couldn't have come at a better time.

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