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So, we have gas for heat, but that's it - the stove and water heater are both electric. Our gas company charges a $10 per month "monthly charge" no matter what your usage is (in addition to your usage charges.) The best explanation I've been able to get out of them is that it "covers when someone has to come out to your house and stuff, so that we don't have to charge you every time." Okfinewhatever. Well, last spring I didn't want to keep paying $10 a month for something we weren't going to need when it was 100 degrees out, so I called them to see if I could suspend the account or something. "Oh, you can do a seasonal disconnect. When you need it back on in the fall, just call for a reconnect." At no point during the phone call last spring, or the phone call this fall to get it hooked back up, did anyone mention the $85 reconnect fee that showed up on our bill this month. If they had, we would have just paid the $10 a month all summer.


I called customer service, they're escalating it to billing, billing will call me, blah blah blah this is going to be a pain in the ass. I can't wait until we're off the grid.

(Gas heat is our only choice; we're in a rental. Well, other than portable electric heaters, which 1) would use a lot of energy, heating the whole place and 2) are specifically prohibited in our lease. Not that anyone is going to come check, but still.)

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