joyce (joyce) wrote,

Hope spent the night, so this morning we bumped around the house and interneted and drank tea and worked on not waking up Jeff (it's a small house, and Clapp sisters can sometimes forget to use their inside voices.) He got up, and there were waffles for breakfast before heading out to Edward McKay - Hope had store credit and I had gift certificate to use. I ended up with a ton of Maeve Binchy paperbacks for 10 cents each, a copy of Possession for a dollar, Entrapment (one of my favorite heist movies) for 3, and Spiderman for 3 (I wasn't hugely fond of it, but Jeff really liked it.) It was a good day at the Edward McKay. :) We grabbed Cook-out for second breakfasts, and swung by school to pick up the rest of my (fairly minor, thank goodness) proposal edits, and then came home. Hope's run away to my parents' to do laundry and eat brunswick stew, and I think the rest of our day is going to pass in a happy blur of thesis and paper writing (for me), some Star Trek, reading, and a library trip. Life is good.

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