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I went and voted today. As per last time, I was the only white face… 
6th-Nov-2007 08:46 am
I went and voted today. As per last time, I was the only white face in my polling place. Unlike last time, the slightly surprised looks were missing. I think it was too early for anyone to care. :)

I cast my first ever write-in vote this morning. Our co-op manager was running for city-council-at-large, and didn't make it past the primaries. He probably won't get enough write in votes either, but even so, it felt good to vote for someone that I know would make a great city council member. And, you never know; this is why we have write in votes. It might work.

I was thinking, as I was riding my bike over, about the bits of privilege that go into something like voting. I have convenient transportation, even if it is self-powered. I have internet access, so I was able to do some last minute reading about the candidates last night. I can read, so I could using the voting machine. (Yes, we have the electronic machines here. Please, no debates about voting machines in my journal this morning. That damned car alarm across the street went off 3 times in 20 minutes at 2 am last night, and I never really got back into a good, deep sleep. I'm extra groggy this morning.1) I have a job with hours that let me get over there easily. And that's just the surface stuffs.

If you have local elections today, please consider checking out your candidates and getting out on your lunch hour or after work and voting.

1. Jeff called in a non-emergency call, as we've had just about enough, but the local PD is generally overworked, and who knows if someone will make it out to talk to the neighbors about noise and consideration. I wonder if sucking it up and going and talking to them would do any good; we can't be the only people this wakes up, and there's a lot of families with kids on the block.
6th-Nov-2007 08:41 pm (UTC)
I wish I could vote.

Someday I will live where I am registered.
6th-Nov-2007 09:26 pm (UTC)
I realized this makes me sound apathetic and regretful - I'm not. I vote absentee for all state and national elections.

I am just looking forward to the day I can go down to my old elementary school, walk into the little booth, and get an "I VOTED!" sticker...
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