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Ellie has lately been going through a phase wherein she needs reassurance that we love her. At about 3 am. This is accompanied by loud shrieks to remind us that she's alive and arrived and we should pet her now, while she leaps onto the bed with way more force than a 5 pound cat should be able to wield.

This too will pass, and secretly, I'm a little thrilled she wants the attention; she goes through long periods of time where she doesn't want much to do with us, other than as a kibble delivery system. But, it's only a little; mostly I'm looking forward to when this phase passes, because I loves my sleep.

Yesterday was one of those days when I barely had time to catch a breath; in at nine at get that application signed and copied (oh, the trees that are dying in the name of my thesis), a student appointment that was over an hour long (but I think he's starting to get it, woot), running my application over, going to stats, snarfing down my lunch, running to a 101 review session, running back to the office and changing clothes and going to tennis. I'm not complaining - how can I complain, when one of my tasks was to go play tennis for an hour? - but it was a day when I didn't get to stop and take a breath all day. The rest of the week promises more of the same - it' s test week, with tests in both classes, so there's review sessions and extra office hours and grading that needs to get done now so they have it before their test, blah blah blah.

It's the time of the academic year where we're getting ready to make the full-on run to the end of the semester.

When I wasn't in school, and was out in the rest of the world working, it always seemed like the year just never ended. There were the holidays at the end of the year, but otherwise, things just went on and on, with no change unless I changed jobs or locations (which I did with frequency, but it didn't so much help). The rhythm of the year felt off. Now my year starts in August again, which feels much more right, and things change every few months. I dislike a class? It'll be done in a few months. This assignment is making me crazy? It'll pass. It's nice. I like the constant change, because they're all small changes within a bigger framework that I'm comfortable with and that doesn't change very much.

And with that, I should stop babbling and get dressed and head into campus for 101.

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