joyce (joyce) wrote,

Yesterday, there was no farmer's market run for us; the other big local university, which is located right next to our market, was having their homecoming parade. redzils and I spent an hour trying to get into the market last year on homecoming day. No, thank you. We just stocked up last week.

So we had a lazy morning with waffles for breakfast and video games and some work and homework, and went to Moe's for lunch and went to the library and came home and I got more work done and we drank a little port and made some killer burgers for dinner and watched some Star Trek. This morning we had our normal Sunday breakfast (eggs, sausage, fried potatoes) and watched some more Star Trek, and I got some more work done, and we ran some errands (co-op, Petsmart, Target [yay, Halloween candy]) and came home and I pushed out that proposal draft and we had salad and mac and cheese for dinner. It's been a very lovely and low-key and lazy but yet productive weekend.

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