joyce (joyce) wrote,

1. My love for cold noodles and peanut sauce is epic.

2. I did not want to leave home this morning. I was being productive, darn it. Now that I'm at school, I'm still being productive, but really, I want to be home and in bed snuggling with the cats and reading about immortal cyborgs.

3. They finally fixed the light in the grad office that's been flickering, horror house style, for a year. Woot.

4. I printed out my proposal on the grad office printer this morning so that I could edit it during stats (don't look at me like that); I always get to the point when I'm writing something that I have to look at it on paper, because it's running together on the screen. However, the toner in the grad office printer is apparently running low, because there are whole chunks missing out of the pages that printed. I did what I could with what I have, but I'm going to have to run downstairs to the lab and print off a new copy.

5. I could not get to sleep last night. Once sleep came, it was good, but it took awhile to get there.

6. I really ought to go back to editing instead of babbling at LJ.

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