joyce (joyce) wrote,

Good things about today:

1. Rain! Oh my yes we needed the rain. Dear mother nature: how about you keep this up for a week or two?

2. Had a good tutoring appointment with a student today. Got reminded that just because a student seems to be bad at one subject, that doesn't mean that they're dumb, by any stretch of the imagination.

3. Getting to talk to the redzils for awhile.

4. My credit union put in a bike rack! This is way wicked cool.

5. Class was good today too. I understand where confidence intervals come from now. I've always been able to use them, but never really grocked why they worked.

6. Friday. Ahem.

[eta] 7. My copy of the last in the series of crazy cyborg time traveler books is in at the library. Woot! :)
Tags: good things, own the day

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