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Today: finished grading (and I've a reprieve until Monday, when… 
17th-Oct-2007 09:10 pm
Today: finished grading (and I've a reprieve until Monday, when their next homework is due. I don't have to grade over my weekend, yippeee!), headed up to campus, went to stats, worked on my interview questions, made the changes the lovely violetdawn suggested, test drove them on a classmate on mine, found my chair in his office and with time to talk, woot1, went and played tennis, met up with Jeff and did a little browsing at B&N, went to Petsmart and oogled the cats and seriously talked hamster, came home and made salad for dinner, and yea, that was my day. It was a good day, but now I'm inexplicably tired.

Jeff's at work, as he's got the pager until Monday and had to go in. I think I'm going to go throw my stuff in my bag for tomorrow (since tomorrow is my long2 and early day, and the more I can pack up the night before, the better), get tomorrow night's tofu to marinating, and fall the hell over.

1. "Great! The next thing for you to do is test these questions on a non-native English speaker. Have you done that?" "... I don't know anyone who's a non-native English speaker." This says something about my life I'd like to fix (but not right this second). He hooked me up with someone, all hail the thesis chair.

2. Though likely not as long as normal.
18th-Oct-2007 03:40 am (UTC)
The cats vote yes on lots of tasty hamsters.
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