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Last night, we had coupons to Qdoba, so we had a hot date night consisting of Qdoba, Ed McKay, and failed window-shopping at bike shops, as they were both closed. It was fun. :) We came home, drank whiskey and Dr. Peppers, and listened to music and goofed off online. It was a good evening.

Today was the farmer's market and Bruegger's and Deep Roots and EarthFare and Office Depot with jeni. At Office Depot, after weeks of dithering, I finally replaced my desk chair that broke months ago. I've been using a dining room chair with a cushion on it, and my ass and back had had enough. I picked out a nice mid-range model - they had more expensive ones that felt a little bit better, but not as much better as they wanted, and I talked myself out of getting the one that was on uber-sale but didn't feel as good - and we brought it home. Jeni went on her way, and we went out to the library, and made over easy egg tacos for dinner, and put together my chair.

One problem: it didn't fit between my desk and the shelving unit behind the desk. Or rather, it did, but I couldn't spin it around so that I could actually sit down in it. ARGH.

So I've gotten things rearranged in a way that I think will work, but is less convienent because the shelving unit is out of immediate reach, and it's where my textbooks are. Also, the kittens would lounge on the shelving unit behind me and it was really nice, and I hate moving their lounge space on them, but I don't see another way to make everything fit. My half of the office is still a disaster area, something I need to fix tomorrow so I can actually work in here. However, my back is already much happier, so hey.

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