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1. Hello, fall. Wow. Yesterday felt great. It's supposed to warm… 
12th-Oct-2007 08:27 am
1. Hello, fall. Wow. Yesterday felt great. It's supposed to warm back up to low-80s by the beginning of the week (boo) but for now, this is wonderful.

2. I told Jeff the other day that I'm actually looking forward to cold weather this year. His response was "Who are you and what have you done with Joyce?"

3. I ran into one of the stats kids yesterday walking across campus to the pool, and so we chattered a bit. She asked what I was doing for fall break. Working on my thesis, I said. Oh, she said, sounding disappointed. I laughed and said, by the time you get to grad school, time off means time to work, which is appreciated. I related the story to some of the folks in seminar last night, and they all nodded sagely. Time to work or time to collapse, one of the two. :)

4. Today is the drop-dead drop date for the semester. I'm getting less frantic emails about grades than I expected.

5. Oh HAY. Looks like the tuition waiver finally peculated its way through the system (first I had to get submitted for the waiver, then approved, then it had to be put into the financial aid system, then it had to get into the cashier's office's system. Time from when I was notified that I'd gotten a waiver to the money showing up on my account: 15 working days. I suppose given all that, 15 days isn't bad.) I wonder when the check will show up. I also need to find out how often the health insurance company pays out (they do reimbursements instead of just flat covering stuff.) I suspect once a semester, but we'll see.

6. I am slowly getting my music organized, my mp3s properly tagged, and duplicates deleted (yay free hard drive space.) I've also discovered the joy of smart playlists. This is way too much fun. :)
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