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Mister it seems like you don't care, I know this land was made for you and me

I don't buy much music, being a grad student, and my discretionary money, such as it is, going towards books (lots of books...) But I had some iTunes store credit still left from a gift card Ms. faecat gave me ages and ages ago, and I noticed that Counting Crows had re-released August and Ever After... I'm normally skeptical of re-releases, seeing them as tools to just make more money1, but this had some demo tracks and a whole second disc with most of August live, and I listened to the samples, and I bit, and man, it is lovely. It would have been worth it for the demo tracks alone. Wow. :) Now I want to dig out my copy of Across a Wire (how is it that I don't have that ripped yet?) and replace my copy of This Desert Life that disappeared in one of my many moves...

1. Not that I have anything against making money; I'm one of the most money-making-supporting socialists you will ever meet. However, it doesn't mean I'm going to contribute to the money-making efforts, even for a band I love.

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