joyce (joyce) wrote,

Yesterday: Jeff's company picnic, which was fun and stuff - it was odd, being on the other side of things, after having drug him along to department functions for a couple of years. Pretty park, decent food, nice to put some faces with the names I'm always hearing about. Then, we turned around and drove down to Durham to have dinner with yesthatjill and flummox and a whole bunch of other people (including hap and cbj, both of whom we hadn't seen in dog's years) in the world's most crowded restuarant, and and it was good. Noisy, which made storytelling harder, but good. We got home and stayed up talking far past even my weekend bedtime.

Today: finishing up recording 101 scores, waffles for lunch, Enterprise and eggs and potatoes for breakfast, dishes and other housework, a delicious nap.

Not a bad weekend.

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