joyce (joyce) wrote,

Wow. I'm a moron.

I'm sitting on this committee, see, and we were scheduling our next meeting, and I was reading my email last weekend when I was distracted and tired1 and thought the email said that the next meeting was Friday, October 6, which I thought was today. So I responded that I could do that and blocked off the time in my calendar and told the professor I work for that I would be attending the other session of class today. And I spent awhile this morning running around and making sure I had clean grownup clothes (even hemming pants to wear)2 and stuff. So then I go to check the meeting location, because I didn't have that written down...

... and the meeting is on Friday, October 26. In big, bold letters. Today's the 5th. There isn't even a Friday, October 6th.

I'm just glad I noticed before I showed up to the adminstrative building, all dolled up and ready to go.

1. Well, okay. When I am not distracted and tired lately?

2. At least that was something I'd been meaning to do for awhile. They're beautiful pants, brown with white pinstripes that I got from Hope that she got from someone else, and I'd never worn them because I'd need 5 inch heels to do it. So, now they're wearable.

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