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Oh hey payday. Woot! :) (Graduate assistants start work in August,… 
28th-Sep-2007 07:59 am
Oh hey payday. Woot! :)

(Graduate assistants start work in August, and work through the first or second week in May, but get paid in 8 lumps, starting at the end of Septemeber. I suppose it makes it much easier for payroll1, having to deal with 8 gazillion GAs only 8 times instead of 10, but psychologically, that stretch from mid-August, when you see the last of the money from whatever summer job you worked, until the end of September, is long. I got a teensy check at the end of August from a couple days of advising, and my financial aid check mid-August, so money wise, I've been fine, but it still feels like a really really long time until that first check at the end of September.)

1. ... and yet, they still fracked up my check.
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