joyce (joyce) wrote,

Yesterday, I played tennis for the first time since high school P.E. (exercise being good for what ails a person). We sucked, but it was a lot of fun and we got some great exercise out of it. We're scheduled again for two weeks hence.

This morning was errands (farmer's market, library, Target for a couple more pillows, and stuff). Taco Bell for lunch. I need to clean up my side of the office, which looks like a tornado ripped through it, and get some grading done. There's pizza and Voyager scheduled for dinner. :)

[eta]: Or, you know, I can take a nap for an hour and some change. Wow, I needed that.

[eta2]: ... which means that I've gone from tired as hell and unmotivated to groggy as hell and unmotivated. I'm not sure which state is worse.

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