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I have been gifted with extra time this morning, as my 8:00… 
17th-Sep-2007 07:59 am
I have been gifted with extra time this morning, as my 8:00 appointment emailed me at 5:30 this morning, saying her son had been up most of the night sick and she was very very sorry, but she wasn't going anywhere. I feel bad for her but thankful for me, since I was stressing out last night (for no real reason, I might add; at some point, I need to write about why my damned thesis is stressing me out so much.)

We had a lovely day yesterday. Every year, the NC Music Academy holds an ice cream and music festival at a local college as a fundraiser, and the co-op had a booth at it, so we went and put in some worker-owner hours scooping ice cream and telling people about the co-op. It was a gorgeous day - fall has broken with a vengeance around here - and a girl can't complain about spending a couple hours out in the sun hanging out with her honey like that. We ran some errands and got Bruegger's for lunch and came home. The rest of the household napped while I got some more work done. We made barbecue beef sandwiches for dinner (so very good) and watched some Voyager. It was a good weekend.

For now, though, there needs to be more coffee, and finishing the grading from this weekend, and then I might just get really exciting and do some dishes. :)
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