Revised thesis todo list: - make corrections S. outlined for my IRB… 
16th-Sep-2007 05:13 pm
Revised thesis todo list:

- make corrections S. outlined for my IRB application (today)
- make corrections to consent form (tomorrow)
- revise stripped-proposal1 to reflect those corrections (tomorrow)
- ship both off to S. for review (tomorrow by 5)
- email the IRB and get the list of "required elements for recruitment materials", since their fracking link is broken
- call or email about getting that consent form translated (ASAP)2 [emailed, 9/16]
- contact three agencies about letters of support; get letters of support (ASAP) [application cannot be submitted without these and the consent form, both in English and Vietnamese whatever the appropriate language is]3 [two out of three contacted; dad emailed for contact details on third]
- find my proof of IRB training; make a clean copy
- get S's proof of IRB training; make a copy
- once S. and rest of committee signs off on IRB application, print it off, initial it, sign it, and get it to the departmental reviewer (hoping for Friday, Monday may be more realistic)
- get something coherent down for lit review; it doesn't have to be perfect
- finish up works cited list
- ship that off to S. too

Meh. Don't wanna.4

1. My lit review is a mess. Fortunately, it is the least important piece of the current process, and I can work on it while the IRB application is being reviewed, so I'm going to strip my lit review out of my proposal and send him the rest. He'll want to see it before we submit, I'm sure, but at least I don't have to fix it today.

2. Thankfully, I don't have to have my survey instruments translated; I'm going to read those to the participants (I was going to have them take the surveys in writing, but then S. pointed out that we'd have to get those translated too. Whoops.) There is a short consent form with presentation option, which could potentially avoid the translation option, but you can only use it in group settings.

3. This one shouldn't be so bad; I have connections at two of the three agencies.

4. It is current popular opinion in our cohort that I stand the best chance of being done "on time" (in two years). If only they could see how much bitching-not-doing I do when I'm not at school...
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