joyce (joyce) wrote,

we has a Jeni

Jeni and company rolled in last night. We did the 10 cent tour of the house, and then it was bedtime for all involved. Today, I got up and went to campus and did the 101 thing and handed back 215 tests and dealt with that, then had office hours for stats, then came home and made lunch (mmm, waffles) and cleaned house (thank you, Jeni and Nick, who are the masters of the dishes), and then turned down a trip to Edward McKay (sigh) so I could grade (oy). I got the grading done, my cousin and sister got here, Nick and Jeni got home, chaos ensued, and we made pizza and salad and squash and lemon cake with fruit, and visited, and it was good, and now I'm tired, the grading is still eating me alive and I haven't done my homework for Thursday, but it was a good night.

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