joyce (joyce) wrote,

Things you don't want to hear on your end of a phone conversation:

"Hello... yea, poisonous... oh, yea, that was a coppehead, honey." On the other hand, having a nature specialist/environmental educator as your sister? Highly useful. :)

Hope was doing some stuff at home this afternoon and had the front door of her house open, but the screen door closed, but it (apparently) had a gap under it that she hadn't noticed. She comes downstairs, moves some clothes off the couch... and there's a snake, later identified as a copperhead, on my sister's couch.


A neighbor helped her dispatch the snake to its next life, and she's fine and uninjured, for which I am very very glad. Visiting the hospital was not a scheduled part of the program tonight.

What was on the program? Burgers and Settlers with Andrew and Faith over at my parents'. That part was fun. :)

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