joyce (joyce) wrote,

Failing at life:

1. I left my office keys at home today. You know, the office the fridge is in that had my lunch for today. *facepalm* THAT wasn't that big a deal, because there are plenty of other folks with keys to the grad office who could have let me in so I could get my food, but I didn't have time because...

2. I hit campus right at the class change, and it took way longer to get across campus than it should have because the fracking stupid pedestrians cause gridlock, crossing in all directions and against the lights, which meant that I was at the gym later than expected, so I didn't eat before class...

3. Which was fine, I'd snarf some food right after stats and before heading out to Deep Roots, except that...

4. Jeff and I converted my bike to a sport utility vehicle last weekend, adding a basket to the rack on the back. This has been a truly steller addition, since I'm able to carry a lot more stuff, and also don't have to carry my backpack on my back (which, after the initial weirdness and feeling naked, has been really nice). We also added a bungie cord, so that I could tie down the stuff in the bike. Only leaving the gym today, I got lazy, since I was headed just across campus and the bag wasn't going anywhere, and set it in the basket on top of the cord, thinking the basket would hold it in place.

That bungie cord is currently firmly emeshed in my back axle. Sigh.

It could have been worse. It happened right next to my building, so I didn't have my back wheel lock up and me fly over the handlebars riding down one of the busier streets in the city. The bus that runs out to Deep Roots picks up right by school. I get on for free with my school ID. I called Jeff, he picked me up from "work" after I was done convincing people (successsfully, too! and it was fun, and I got to talk to lots of people and put on perky.joyce) to sample spelt pasta, and we went back to school and picked up my bike.

Now we're home, drinking "grownup rums and cokes" as Jeff put it in the car (whiskey and Dr. Pepper) and there's a chicken roasting in the oven and potatoes nuking for twice baked potatoes, and life is good.

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