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In the long list of things that suck: having all the computers on campus spontaneously reboot, and the login servers going down. All of them. For the whole campus.

When we're in the middle of freshmen registration and advising.

That was entertaining. Fortunately, IT had things up in an hour.

It's been an adventure filled day. This morning, we rescued the from the airport. She's in until a week from Sunday. Jeff had to get to work, so I got her settled in this morning then took off for the aforementioned work myself. After Jeff and I got home, we ran back out to the vet, because Copper has been compulsively overgrooming herself for a couple weeks now, and licking herself bald and bleeding in places. We thought perhaps it was just nervous, so we coned her so she couldn't do more damage. Then Jeni took a look at the spots last night and said "Y'all, I think that might be mange. Take thee to the vet." So we did. Luckily, it's not mange - mange is also scabies, according to the vet, and we'd have it if she did, along with the other two cats.1 She2 diagnosed a severe flea allergy, dosed Copper up with steroids and antibiotics, reminded us to treat the house and Copper (the Advantage is already on the way and we bought borax this weekend), and sent us on our way.

This actually makes a lot of sense; when we got Copper, she was very scabbed up, and she'd been living in a dumpster with fleas and ticks and such. Between living with Corrie and living with us, she'd gotten a chance to heal up, until we came down with the fleas again.

So, we'll treat her and treat the house (oy) and all should be well.

1. Copper favorite place to sleep is on top of us, and I sleep naked. There's no way we'd not have scabies if she did.

2. The vet? Really hot. Also, did not look old enough to have finished vet school.

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