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So, jeni got here early yesterday evening. We had crockpot chili, corn, and the best corn muffins in the world and conversation for dinner, and lo, it was good.

This morning, I got up and got Jeff off to work, then went back to bed for a blissful hour of dozing with Copper the purr machine. I got up for the second time and toddled around and did some dishes and made some tea. Jeni got up, and we made waffles for breakfast, and toddled off and went thrift storing, and had Greek food1 for lunch, and went off in search of ice cream supplies, and were denied.

Jeni, you see, had had a dream (literally) recently about maple-praline gelato. We happen to have an ice cream machine. So, we embarked on a slightly looney food related quest, as is so often the case with the two of us. We already had milk and cream and sugar and vanilla; we did not have enough eggs (I had not calculated ice cream making into the equation at the farmer's market on Saturday), pralines, rock salt, pecans, enough maple syrup, or ice. Deep Roots had local eggs and pecans and the maple syrup. We traipsed off to Harris Teeter for the rest, where they gave us a hairy eyeball when we asked about pralines ("You want... what was that again?") and confirmed that there was no rock salt in the back to fill the empty space on the shelf. We muttered and shrugged and tried Earthfare, where they did have pralines but for way more than we wanted to pay ($7 for a 5 ounce box) and did not have rock salt. We shrugged and at that point Jeni suggested that perhaps the universe was trying to tell us something, at which point I had to agree, and we headed home for ice water and reading and naps.2

Jeff got home, and there were monster salads4 for dinner, and a viewing of The Astronaut Farmer.5 It feels like Friday night; I'm in for a shock tomorrow morning, eh? :)

1. Local place next to campus that Jeni has been rhapsodizing over, and for good reason. Baklava, greek salad, gyro, falafel, pita bread, all damn tasty. It's a good thing it's on the other end of campus from me. :)

2. We could have made some other kind of ice cream that didn't involve pralines, like vanilla or maple or whatever. In fact, we had that conversation at least twice, at which point one of us would have to remind the other that we still didn't have any rock salt. We probably could have hit the Target on the way home and gotten some, but as evidenced by the conversational repeats, we were loopy and tired and overheated.3

3. However, all the chasing around wasn't in vain, as the extra eggs meant I was able to make the pudding. 3000 times better than anything you'd get out of a box.

4. Lettuce tomatoes cucumbers green peppers eggs ham corn apples cheese.

5. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better than I expected it to be.

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