joyce (joyce) wrote,

Sweet hells, it's hot outside.

Sweet hells, it's hot outside. I took the long way back to campus from the co-op, and I'm dripping.

[eta]: Being able to post from my phone is cool, but 160 characters is not much.

"The long way" was ducking up Elam to the greenway, then all the way up and around campus and back down to the gym (where they didn't have pool hours printed yet, the smegheads). That section of the jaunt was 6.5 miles; total bike riding for the day was 85 minutes.

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    It was very nearly short dress and flip-flop weather today. It was a little chilly in the shade, still, and if the breeze kicked in, but I wore a…

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    There's something very strange about being under a "fire weather watch" on March 1.

  • oh, and...

    I had 160 ounces of water today, and I still feel dehydrated. Stupid fucking weather.

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