joyce (joyce) wrote,

Today's exercise playlist:1

3rd Planet - Modest Mouse
Time - Timbaland
Hold My Hand - Hootie and Blowfish
Higher Ground - Red Hot Chilli Peppers
The Rock Show - Blink 182
Who Says You Can't Go Home - Bon Jovi
Shake That - Eminem
Thunder Road - Bruce Springsteen

3rd Planet didn't really work; it didn't have a steady enough beat. The Hootie was a little slow. Everything else was great; Higher Ground and Shake That were particularly ass moving.

1. I have indoor walk DVDs for when it's too hot to go out. It also gives me no excuse whatsoever for not exercising, as I can exercise in my living room in my AC without having to go anywhere. Alas, I still found excuses for most of July. Funny how that works.2

2. Theoretically, being on campus 5 days a week is going to mean that I go exercise 5 days a week. I'm thinking I'll swim MWF and resume the couch to 5k efforts TH, knees and ankles willing. This is contingent upon the pool hours being something resembling useful; I got really spoiled at State, where the pool was open all the time.3

3. And, of course, are the fall pool hours up yet? Hah. I'm funny.

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